1.Easy installation: Plug & Play; Quick Start just 1 second
2.Professional Automotive Grade LED lamp beads, super brightness
3. 300% brighter than traditional Halogen lamp.Distance Up To 200M
4.True decoding constant current driver solves 99% of decoding problems
5.Excellent heat dissipation structure design, integrated heat sink and aluminum body self-heating, high heat dissipation efficiency.
6.IP68 Waterproof, shockproof and long lifespan up to 100,000hrs

Usage: headlight,fog light,
Upgrade for Car,Truck,SUV,RV HID Xenon Headlight,ALL IN ONE Style, no extra driver needed .

LED lights are common car headlights. What are the advantages of car LED lights?
Advantages of automotive LED lights:

  1. Good monochrome, bright and rich colors. The color saturation reaches 130% full color, making the light clearer and softer.
    Secondly, the response time is short, only 60 nanoseconds, which is particularly suitable for the light source of automotive lighting, thus winning valuable time for drivers to reduce accidents.
    Thirdly, it has a small volume and light weight. With its characteristics, various styles of lightweight and compact lighting fixtures can be designed, providing empty space for car styling design.
    Fourthly, the light flux of a single LED is small. At present, the research level of the luminous flux of a single LED can reach 120lm/W, and the product level is ≤ 60lm/W. Moreover, high-power LEDs often incorporate large-sized heat sinks, so LED light sources generally adopt the design method of LED arrays.
    The luminous efficiency of light-emitting diodes decreases with the increase of temperature. Generally, chips will fail if their temperature exceeds 120 ℃. The process design and manufacturing of lamp components must consider thermal design.
  2. Long service life and good impact resistance. LED is a semiconductor component. Unlike incandescent lamps, there are no vulnerable moving parts such as glass and tungsten wires, resulting in extremely low malfunctions and maintenance free.
    7、 High efficiency and low energy consumption. LED light sources can directly generate the red, amber and other colors required for automotive lighting, without the need for color filtering, without loss, and with a power utilization rate of over 80%.
    8、 Green lighting source. LED has good monochromatic spectrum, no additional infrared and ultraviolet spectra, no harmful substances containing mercury, and less heat and radiation.
    9、 Flat light with strong directionality. Unlike point source incandescent lamps, the viewing angle is less than or equal to 180 °. When designing, it is important to pay attention to and utilize the different viewing angles of LED light sources, which cannot exceed 180 °.
    10、 LED belongs to the category of multi-component semiconductor components. The characteristic of multi-component compound semiconductor components is that their electrical, optical, thermal, and mechanical parameter indicators are highly discrete. When designing, it is necessary to fully consider this characteristic and require the component production company to strictly classify and grade the components according to the requirements of LED light sources for automobiles.


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