LED Car Lights vs HID Headlights – Which Are Better?

LED Car Lights vs HID Headlights – Which Are Better?

LED (Light Emitting Diode) and HID (High-Intensity Discharge) are two different types of headlights used in automotive lighting.

They are the new go-to technologies for newer vehicles, luxury cars, and drivers looking to upgrade their dull stock halogens to brighter bulbs.

Both technologies offer advantages over traditional halogen bulbs, but they have distinct differences in terms of how they produce light and their characteristics.

The main differences between LED and HID headlights is that LEDs are brighter, have a longer lifespan, don’t fade over time, have no warm-up period, and are more energy efficient compared to HIDs.

1. Brightness: LED lights produce up to 10,000 lumens whereas HIDs produce up to 8,000

2. Lifespan: SOUKUER LED headlights can last up to 100,000 hours while HIDs up to 15,000

3. Price: Prices vary for both products but HIDs are always less expensive

4.Technology: LED using electricity (diodes) and HID uses xenon gas

5. Colors: LED come in every color but HIDs are limited to shades of yellow, white, blue, and purple

6. Fade: LEDs do not fade over time but HIDs do

7. Warm-up: LEDs turn on instantly while HIDs take a few seconds to reach full brightness

8. Efficiency: LEDs are more energy efficient than HIDs

HID vs. LED Headlights Comparison Chart

BrightnessVery Bright (10,000 lumens)Very Bright (8,000 lumens)
LifespanUp to 45,000 hoursUp to 15,000 hours
Light DistanceUp to 300 metersUp to 300 meters
Price$50 – $350$40 – $250
Power DrawVery lowLow
Heat EmissionLowMedium
Available ColorsAll colorsShades of Yellow, White, Blue, and Purple
Best forReflector assemblyProjector assembly
Installation Time5-20 mins20-60 mins
Installation DifficultyEasyEasy-Medium
Fast Warm-Up TimeYes (instant)Yes (short lag)
Energy EfficiencyHigh (85% less energy vs. halogen)High  (75% less energy vs. halogen)
Bulb SizeSmall-MediumSmall
Light SourceElectricity (Diode)Xenon Gas

In this guide, we dive deep into and analyze the differences between LED headlights and HID (Xenon) headlight bulbs so you can choose the best option for your needs and that of your car, truck, motorcycle.

Choosing Between HID and LED Headlights

So, which is better and brighter? While it may seem at first glance that LED headlights are far superior to HID lights, it is not exactly the case, especially when looking at headlight conversion kits. The devil is in the details.

The answer is it depends on your vehicle.

Both LEDs and HIDs are great technologies and big upgrades over halogens with regard to brightness and durability but their individual performance will depend on your headlight type.

LED headlight bulbs are better and brighter in reflector headlamps, while HIDs are better and brighter in projector lenses.

Although the science behind this is quite complex, the important thing to remember is that you get the appropriate bulbs for your type of headlight for the best results. Learn more about this topic in our guide about Projector vs Reflector Headlights.

LED Advantages Over HID

  • Durability: LEDs can last up to 3 times longer than HIDs
  • Total potential light output: LEDs can put out up to 25% more light than HIDs
  • Warm-up time: LEDs instantly turn on while HIDs need about 2-5 seconds to warm up

HID Advantages Over LED

  • Light Density: HIDs produce a more focused and dense light compared to LEDs
  • Headlight Type: HIDs work well in both projectors and reflectors while LEDs only work well in reflectors
  • Cost: HIDs are at least 30% cheaper than LEDs

LED Headlights Explained

The way LEDs produce light can literally be found directly in the name: LED = Light-Emitting Diodes. Diodes, also known as chips or semiconductors, are the little yellow things you see on LED bulbs.

LED bulbs use a semiconductor diode that emits light when an electric current passes through it. The light is produced by the movement of electrons in the semiconductor material.

LEDs are small and can be arranged in clusters to provide different beam patterns and light outputs.

Upgrading Your Headlights to LEDs

LED headlight bulbs are ideal for daily drivers looking to improve their nighttime driving experience for cars with reflector-style headlights.

At SOUKUER, we manufacture premium-grade, Plug & Play halogen to LED headlight bulb conversion kits, which means you can say goodbye to your dull and yellow halogens and finally get the bright headlights you need.

The process of upgrading your headlights is just as easy as replacing your halogen bulbs, even for the non-technical driver.

HID Headlights Explained

Xenon HID headlights, or High-Intensity Discharge (HID), produce light by using a high-voltage electrical arc to generate light.

The arc is created between two electrodes in a gas-filled quartz capsule and produces an intense white light.

HIDs are found primarily in high-end vehicles and other industrial applications.

Upgrading Your Headlights to Xenon HIDs

HID headlight bulbs are ideal for daily drivers looking to upgrade to brighter bulbs in vehicles with projector-style headlights.

At soukuer, we manufacture high-end, Plug & Play halogen to HID headlight bulb conversion kits, which are a great and significantly brighter alternative to stock halogen headlights.

Like LEDs, the process of upgrading your headlights is just as easy as replacing your halogen bulbs but requires some very simple assembly.

H4 Hi Low Beam Led Headlight H1 H7 Led Canbus H11 Car LED Light Bulbs 60W 15000LM 6000K 12v Car Fog Light Auto Headlamp P1


Item NumberP1Product NameCar Led Headlight
Power60W/Pair(30W/Bulb)Luminous Flux15000LM/Pair(7500LM/Bulb)
Operating VoltageDC 9-32V(fit 12V,24V vehicles)Connector TypePlug and Play
Color6000K WhiteLED ChipsCSP LED Chips
Beam Angle360 degreeWaterproof LevelIP68
MaterialAviation 6063 aluminum profileOperating Temperature -40-80 degree Celsius
CoolingBuil-in FanLifespan≥100,000 Hours
Warranty1 yearsUsageheadlight;fog light
Plug Type(Hi-Lo Beam)H4/9003/HB2 Hi/Lo; 
Plug Type(Single Beam)H1; H7; H11/H8/H9; 9005/HB3; 9006/HB4; 

1.Easy installation: Plug & Play; Quick Start just 1 second
2.Professional Automotive Grade LED lamp beads, super brightness
3. 300% brighter than traditional Halogen lamp.Distance Up To 200M
4.True decoding constant current driver solves 99% of decoding problems
5.Excellent heat dissipation structure design with high-speed silent fan
6.IP68 Waterproof, shockproof and long lifespan up to 100,000hrs

Usage: headlight,fog light,
Upgrade for Car,Truck,SUV,RV HID Xenon Headlight,ALL IN ONE Style, no extra driver needed .
Package Included:
2x LED headlight bulbs
1x English installation manual

Q1: How can I find the model of my car?
A1-1.Please check the plug type and plug size can fit for your car before your purchase
A1-2.If you are not sure about which bulb you need, please contact us with your vehicle’s Make/model/year. it’s happy for us to check for you.

Q2: From 3000K to 6000K color temp. of headlight, it’s same distance for lighting amoung them?
A2: It’s same distance for lighting in normal environment. About 300 meters on high beam, several decameter on low beam. If rainy or foggy weather, more lower color tempt. would be better for light penetration.

Q3: How about the CANBUS and flash?
A3: Most of the cars are ok to install headlight and no flash. If some brand cars appear error and flash when installed, do not hesitate to contact us if need.

Q4: How can I do if the driver or bulbs are broken due to quality problem? How about the warranty?
A4: We provide 12 months warranty period from the date of the purchase. If appear any quality problem, just show the pictures or videos for providing it’s broken, then we will analyze the reason and you’ll get the new free replacement or better solution.