V7 Car Led Headlight

V7 Led H7 Canbus H8 H11 Car Led Headlight Bulbs HB3 HB4 Car Led Light Bulb 72W 16000LM 12v Headlamp Fog Lights V7 All for car

The use of LED lights in cars has many advantages, mainly manifested in the following five aspects:

  1. LED lights have high brightness, clear and soft.
    LED lighting has high intensity and is clearer and softer, making it more conducive to driving at night
  2. LED lights have good stability
    The LED lights in cars use the principle of light-emitting diodes, and of course, their stability is very good. Even if the car is driven on rough ground at night, it may not necessarily affect the light emission and lighting of the bulbs. This is significantly different from ordinary tungsten filament incandescent lamps. The violent shaking and vibration of the tungsten filament may cause circuit breaking and burning, affecting lighting.
  3. LED lights are efficient and energy-saving.
    LED lights have higher brightness and are more energy-efficient compared to regular halogen lights. The power consumption is only one tenth of that of a regular light bulb, which can greatly reduce the light loss of the car battery.
  4. LED lights have good heat dissipation and low temperature.
    LED lights have low heat generation and excellent heat dissipation performance. When used continuously, the maximum temperature may not necessarily exceed 60C ° C. It can effectively protect the lampshade from the influence of high temperature.
    After continuous use, the temperature of ordinary car lights is higher, which accelerates the aging of the lampshade and even causes deformation and damage to the lampshade due to heat.
  5. LED lights have a long service life
    The service life of LED lights is very long, usually up to 30000 to 100000 hours, or even longer. Although the one-time price is relatively high, in the long run, it greatly saves costs and has an extremely high cost-effectiveness.
    At the same time, the use of LED daytime running lights can greatly improve driving safety, with extremely low power consumption and increasing applications.

SOUKUER Car LED Headlight Feature:
1.Easy installation: Plug & Play; Quick Start just 1 second
2.Professional Automotive Grade LED lamp beads, super brightness
3. 300% brighter than traditional Halogen lamp.Distance Up To 200M
4.True decoding constant current driver solves 99% of decoding problems
5.Excellent heat dissipation structure design with high-speed silent fan
6.IP68 Waterproof, shockproof and long lifespan up to 100,000hrs

Usage: headlight,fog light,
Upgrade for Car,Truck,SUV,RV HID Xenon Headlight,ALL IN ONE Style, no extra driver needed .


Q1: How can I find the model of my car?

A1-1.Please check the plug type and plug size can fit for your car before your purchase

A1-2.If you are not sure about which bulb you need, please contact us with your vehicle’s Make/model/year. it’s happy for us to check for you.

Q2: From 3000K to 6000K color temp. of headlight, it’s same distance for lighting amoung them?

A2: It’s same distance for lighting in normal environment. About 300 meters on high beam, several decameter on low beam. If rainy or foggy weather, more lower color tempt. would be better for light penetration.

Q3: How about the CANBUS and flash?

A3: Most of the cars are ok to install headlight and no flash. If some brand cars appear error and flash when installed, do not hesitate to contact us if need.

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Extremely Brighter Than Halogen

SOUKUER 9005/HB3 H11/H9/H8 LED light bulbs adopt 16 pcs high grade CSP LED chips each bulb, extremely brighter than stock halogen bulbs with bright 6500K cool white.

100 Times Longer Lifespan

Whole aviation aluminum body and built-in copper tube effectively pull heat away from the light’s critical components, making SOUKUER H11 9005 LED bulbs 50000hr lifetime, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Easier Installation

The 9005 h11 LED bulbs are almost 1:1 size with halogen bulbs, do not have external driver or connector, non-polarity socket, fit the light housing perfectly without any modification. Just do it yourself at home to save time and money.

Item NumberV7Product NameCar Led Headlight
Power72W/Pair(36W/Bulb)Luminous Flux16000LM/Pair(8000LM/Bulb)
Operating VoltageDC 9-32V(fit 12V,24V vehicles)Connector TypePlug and Play
Color6000K WhiteLED ChipsCOB 4SIDE LED Chips
Beam Angle360 degreeWaterproof LevelIP67
MaterialAviation 6063 aluminum profileOperating Temperature -40-80 degree Celsius
Coolingautomatic heat dissipation of aviation aluminum bodyLifespan≥100,000 Hours
Warranty1 yearsUsageheadlight
Plug Type(Hi-Lo Beam)
Plug Type(Single Beam)H7; H11/H8/H9; 9005/HB3; 9006/HB4; 9012; 5202;

2Pcs Led H7 Canbus H8 H11 Car Led Headlight Bulbs HB3 HB4 Car Led Light Bulb 72W 16000LM 12v Headlamp Fog Lights V7 All for car

Car LED Headlight Plug
>.Single beam: 9005(HB3); 9006(HB4); H7; H11(H9/H8); 9012;5202;

>.Power(per pair): 72W/pair,
>.Luminous Flux: 16000LM/pair
>.Connector Type :Plug and Play
>.Apprication:Upgrade for Car,Truck,SUV,RV HID Xenon Headlight,ALL IN ONE Style, no extra driver needed .

1. High brightness: The latest COB 4 SIDE top chip. with 6000K cold white LED chip; 300% brighter than the existing halogen headlights. Advanced technology ensures perfect beam patterns without any black spots or fog lights.
2. Strong heat dissipation: automatic heat dissipation of aviation aluminum body, heat dissipation efficiency, can avoid temperature accumulation on the beads, prolong the service life of the beads.
3. Simple Installation: Installation only takes 10 minutes. No relay. There is no capacitor. No additional wiring. Plug and play.
4. IP67 waterproof: using integrated radiator and aluminium body self-cooling, waterproof and heat-proof. Even in extreme cases, the enclosure of the rainproof driver can work properly. Automatic short circuit protection.
5. Glow on all sides: 360 degree no dead angle lighting, use more clear and bright at night
6.Built-in anti-interference, EMC.
7.IP67 rated waterproof and dustproof
8.Upgrade for Car,Truck,SUV,RV HID Xenon Headlight,ALL IN ONE Style, no extra driver needed .

Wattage: 72W/Pair
Lumen value: 16000LM/Pair
Voltage: 9-32V
Lamp beads/light source:COB 4SIDE LED top chip.
Color temperature: 6000K
Applicable ambient temperature: -40℃~﹢80℃
Product theoretical life: 100,000 hours
Product material: all aluminum body (6063 aviation aluminum)
Heat dissipation principle: automatic heat dissipation of aviation aluminum body
Waterproof rating: IP67
Warranty period: 1 years
Connector Type :Plug and Play
Usage: headlight,fog light,

Package Included:
2x LED headlight bulbs
1x English installation manual